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Is it possible to buy steroids using paypal?

With most websites that sell steroids only offering payment by bank or money transfer, it is not surprising that potential purchasers wonder if there any sites that accept Paypal as a payment method. From conducting research across many tens of sites it is evident that a handful do, but most don't, and it is important to look at why this is the case.

Out of every payment method available (credit or debit card, bank transfer, bitcoin, international money transfer and Paypal) the latter is the one that offers the most protection for buyers. We all know how easy it is to dispute a transaction and win the case, and the issue that presents it here is that the seller or supplier will not want to provide tracking details as they are, after all, supplying you with illegal products. Although most people are decent and honest, it only takes a handful of less decent and dishonest people to ruin it for the rest and this is what happened with steroid sites that accepted Paypal as a payment method. I have carried out research on sites for years and several years ago it was much more common to see it. This was back when most sites were 'underground' and not everyone had access to them like is evident today in 2017. Some may argue that buyer protection is of paramount importance, and whilst this is the case for normal every day goods, when it comes to the grey or black market then too much buyer power would eventually ruin the market and the types of goods people are looking, for example, anabolic steroids, would soon become extremely rare or completely unavailable.

But don't worry - as I stated above, some sites do accept it, and those that process credit card payments will often do as well. If you want to find out which sites do then the best thing to do is go on the review sites eRoids and Muscle Gurus and search for highly-rated domestic sites and then proceed to check out their payment information page. If you can't find any that have the product or products you desire then paying by card also offers great protection so it may be worth going down that path instead, rather than holding out for a website that accepts Paypal.