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Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Chemical name: Oxymetholone
Chemical formula: 17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one
Year of release: 1960's
Effective dose: 50mg - 150mg
Half life: up to 16 hours
Detection time: up to 8 weeks
Androgenic: Anabolic ratio: 45:230

Anadrol is a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) steroids, but what makes it different to all the other DHT-based compounds such as Anavar, Winstrol and Masteron is that is primarily used as a bulking anabolic (as opposed to a cutting anabolic like the others); it is commonly suggested that the reason for this is its 2-hydroxyemthylene group. Despite having much is common with other DHT based steroids (such as not binding to the androgen receptor at all well and being 17a-alpha-alkylated), the fact that it is able to vastly increase body mass (to a far greater degree than any other anabolic commonly available) makes it very different and totally unique.

Also affectionately called 'A-bombs' by its beloved users, it was first created in the 1960's to help those with anemia and other diseases/conditions where bodyweight and muscle mass loss is prevalent. This blatantly shows just how effective it is at promoting the increase of lean muscle mass and bodyweight, in addition to increasing strength gains, increasing red blood cell count and in some cases a vast increase in appetite.  A 30+ week study on patients with AIDS showed an average bodyweight increase of 9kg and although the weight gain dropped off at around the 21st week, this still shows how powerful it is. Those that use it can expect rapid mass gain within the first few weeks; it's not unheard of for a new user to put on upwards of 15lbs in as little as 2 weeks! Of course, this isn't all muscle as the mass gained will contain a lot of water weight, but some muscle growth will occur so long as a well planned out hypertrophy based routine and high protein diet are stuck to. Strength will also increase very rapidly - expect to add lbs to your lifts each and every gym session. 

It is 17-alpha-alkylated which means it is able to pass through the liver without being destroyed and rendered useless. This however does cause a degree of liver toxicity, the extent of which does vary from person to person but in the same 30 week study mentioned earlier in this article it did cause a quite significant increase in liver values. Of course users would never do a cycle of 30 weeks, so a standard 4-6 week cycle at the suggested dosage (50mg-150mg) should cause no serious harm to liver health (if you are looking for a mild steroid with little to no side-effects then anavar may be for you). The amount of testicular suppression that a user experiences will differ from user to user, although it is common knowledge that  it is suppressive to a fairly large degree. It may also cause estrogenic side effects even though it cannot convert to estrogen (being a DHT based steroids) and has no progestenic activity (it decreased progesterone levels in a study), which has led people to reach the conclusion that it probably has some interaction with the estrogen receptor independently of the progestenic receptor. In addition it may also cause blood pressure to rise, appetite to decrease, headaches to occur, bloating of the midsection and a general feeling of illness. It must be made clear however, that the side will always depend on the individual in question as it really does very from person to person. As with all steroids it is absolutely vital that you monitor your health throughout your cycle to minimise the risk of serious and/or dangerous side effects. Other side effects anadrol may induce include (but are not limited to): a change in lipid profile, hair loss and pronounced acne.

Although the old saying 'less is more' is seemingly always used when talking about steroid dosages, when it comes to Anadrol it appears that the higher the dose the more you'll gain. This of course doesn't mean you should go mental and start popping 10 'drols every day, but studies have shown that strength gains whilst using 100mg are twice as much 50mg, ias well as greater lean muscle mass increase and more fat loss. The best advise we can give you here is to begin with 50mg for the first couple of days (maybe up up to a week if you are new to anabolics) and see how you feel; up the dosage after that (to a an absolute maximum of 150mg) if needed. There is usually a trade-off when using steroids and with this is no different when using anadrol - 150mg will produce far better 'gains' than 100mg, but will more likely than not cause more side effects, so in terms of gains to side effects 100mg is the optimum dosage. 

It is often suggested to stack it with an injectable steroid, such a sustanon (or any other long ester injectable be it testosterone or otherwise), and use for the first 4-5 weeks of a longer 10-12 week cycle. This is known as a 'kick-start', where a rapidly acting oral is used to promote initial mass and strength gains whilst the longer acting steroid builds up in the body. Anadrol has been shown to decrease SHBG, which means that if used with sustanon (or any testosterone), more testosterone will be freed up within the body, allowing to interact with the androgen receptor. The higher percentage of free testosterone the better (in terms of building muscle, increasing strength and aggression). Although it may produce androgenic side effects, it does have very poor binding to the androgen receptor (in fact, it's actually too low to be accurately measured) meaning it produces it powerful effects through non androgen receptor pathways. What effect does this have on stacking you may ask? Well, if it doesn't bind to the androgen receptor it means the androgen receptor is free for other (more androgenic steroids) to bind to it. This clearly exemplifies how useful anadrol can be as part of a bulking cycle. Some users do actually stack it with dianabol, which is frowned upon but at sensible doses (50mg drol and 20mg dbol) it can wickedly effective!

Personally, I have used 'drol' on several occasions, firstly on its own for a 5 week cycle and for 4 weeks at the start of a testosterone cycle. Both times I felt pretty good on 50mg, slightly less good but still alright on 100mg and not so good at all on 150mgs! This is commonplace amongst users - 150mg is just that little bit too much to make it worth it. Gains were rapid both times - I put on about 22lbs during the 5 weeks 'drol' only cycle (of which i kept around 11lbs after PCT) and 19lbs during the 4 week 'kickstarter'. I did notice a some hair loss and my blood pressure was up, (which in turn caused headaches) but all in all I tolerated it very well.

As you can see, a-bombs are an extremely potent bulking oral anabolic that should not be taken lightly. It stacks well with longer-acting more androgenic injectable based steroids as part of a bulking cycle - it shouldn't be used for cutting due to the 'watery' gains previously mentioned. Remember, start with a lose dose of 50mg (some even suggest 25mgs) and work your way up...and be sure to monitor any side effects for the sake of your health.

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