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Anavar (chemical name: oxandrolone) was first developed and then introduced in the early to mid 1960's and was for sale on the black market soon after. Like steroids such as winstrol, andadrol and masteron, it is derived from dihydrotestosterone. Despite this, it is a relatively weak steroid (compared to all steroids, not just dht-derived ones), which has very modest anabolic activity and not much more in terms of androgenic effects either. This does however mean that it has very little effect on the HPTA and can be completely side-effect free for some people. Like other orals it will cause some liver toxicity, but this will be far less than other orals such as dianabol, anadrol and winstrol - even at a dose of 100mg it can be used without too much risk involved. 

Anavar: Effects and Side Effects

In terms of the effects upon the blood profile, 'var' will slightly decrease testosterone, LH, FSH and SHGB (although to a far less extent than the majority of other steroids), and will in some cases increase growth hormone and IGF-1 levels.

It is usually known as the 'fat loss' steroid and it is easy to see why. There are several peer reviewed studies, which back up this assertion. At a dose of just 20mg abdominal and trunk fat was reduced. Granted, no lean muscle mass was built (due to the low dose) but this clearly exemplifies the fat loss properties it has. What is more interesting though is the fact that when a follow up to the aforementioned study was made, the results were found to be permanent -  the subjects had on regained an extremely small percentage of the body fat they had lost whilst taking it. Plus, it must be noted that this study took place without any change made to the subjects diet or exercise regime\lifestyle - very impressive! 

So, it can be said that it is indeed a cutting anabolic steroid. It could in theory be utilised for a bulking cycle (at a high dose and probably in conjunction with a long acting testosterone), with a large calorie and protein surplus, but there are far more suitable steroids for this purpose, such as dianabol, anadrol and of course injectable testosterone. Where anavar has an advantage over these bulking steroids is the fact that it does not cause any water retention, so it is far, far easier to gauge just how much lean muscle mass you have gained during your cycle, plus as it has very little effect on the HPTA (as it doesn't conniver to estrogen) it is not uncommon to kept 90% of your gains once you've have completed your PCT (as your testosterone levels will largely remain intact during your cycle and will quickly recover during PCT. It is even possible to continue to gain lean mass during PCT.

A less recognised effect it has is on strength. Even though it is a mild steroid in every sense, it does have a rather significant impact on strength levels. It certainly is a great choice for weightlifters and athletes alike who need to keep within a certain weight class.

Anavar: Cycles & Stacking

Where dosing is concerned, it must be dosed higher than probably all oral steroids, which is simply due to it being much weaker mg for mg. Although it does bind well to the androgen receptor, at least 40mg per day will be required for any 'real' gains (lean muscle mass). One could in theory run 20mg for a prolonged period of unto ten weeks, however it is standard practise to take 40-100mg per day for up to 8 weeks. Why up to 8 weeks when orals are usually run for no more than 5? Simply because it is far less liver toxic. As far as an 'ideal' cycle goes, i'd suggest 40-60mg a day for 6 weeks for newcomers to steroids and 80-100mg for unto 8 weeks for experienced users.

A question often asked by those who want to use it is, 'can it be staked with other steroids'? Although most will not (or advise not) to take more than one oral at a time, it can actually be stacked with minstrel as part of a lean muscle mass building or cutting stack. It can also be paired with clen as part of a fat loss cycle or even used with anadrol for a strength stack. The options are varied. Of course, if one decided to combine two orals then doses must be lowered and health must monitored often.

So there you have it! We can see than despite being a mild steroid, it has fat loss properties, is able to build small amount of quality, lean muscle mass (at higher doses), has the potential to be side effect free and is a high number of cases has very little impact upon the body.


What is the best anavar cycle?

Choosing the best cycle for yourself is entirely dependent on your goal(s), bodyweight and anabolic steroids experience, as these will impact upon how many compounds you run, at what dosages and for how long. There are, of course, two main options: 1) Running a standalone cycle or 2) Stacking it with other anabolics; in this section I will not only explain which of these two option is best for you, but how to choose all the other elements of your course to maximise the potential results from it. 

What is your goal? This can be split into four categories: Bulking, cutting, ‘recomping’ and strength. Each will require a different approach in terms of compounds, course length, dosages and diet. Below I will detail the potential cycle options for each.

Bulking: Contrary to popular belief, Anavar pills can actually be used for bulking/gaining mass. It must, however, be incorporated as part of a stack because as a standalone it will be entirely useless for this purpose. ‘But what to stack it with?’ I hear you ask, well, as with all bulking cycles a testosterone base is always needed. The combination of oxandrolone and testosterone (using the former as a kick-starter for the first 4-6 weeks is the usual way it is utilised in this context) would more than suffice for a first or second bulking stack, with other compounds being an option further down the line - trenbolone, masteron, equipoise etc…there are many options.

Cutting: Anavar can be used by itself for cutting, the standard protocol would be a 6-8 week cycle at whatever dosage you feel is necessary (depending on your anabolic experience), however I would never recommend this as you will always need a test base for health, libido and mental well being reasons. A commonly used cutting cycle would be 6-8 weeks of testosterone propionate in conjunction with Var, also run for the full duration. As with the mass gaining cycle, getting ripped cycles can be expanded the further down the line you go, i.e. more experience. In these instances winstrol, masteron or even trenbolone could be added. 

Recomping: I would treat recomposition cycles the way I would cutting cycles, just simply add in more calories to help with the muscle gain. Extra compounds could be added for this purpose if desired and these would be as mentioned above. Alternatively, you could simply increase the testosterone dose slightly. It doesn’t take too much added in to turn a cycle from a cutting one to recomposition. 

Strength: This is mainly aimed at strength athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters etc..who are looking for all out strength in a short period of time. For those who don’t need to make a certain weight or aren’t a limited weight class, then combining Anavar tablets with Anadrol would be he best route here. Of course you would need to jeep an eye on liver values and cholesterol, but pairing the two shouldn’t be an issue if you are careful. For those needing to stay in a specific weight class then combing Oxandrolone with halotestin and possibly something like masteron would give excellent strength and power gains. These cycles should be short (due to the potential for liver toxicity), so 3-4 weeks is the most you would want to run them for. You could potentially use it by itself for strength, but as advised above I would always use a testosterone base.  

Can women use Anavar?

It should come as no surprise that ‘anavar for women’ is an extremely popular search phrase on Google, due to the fact it is widely perceived as the mildest of all the steroids and therefore safe for women to use - but is this the case? Yes and no. It must always be mentioned straight away that regardless of the perceived mildness, Oxandrolone is still an anabolic and androgenic steroid, which means that virilizing effects are likely to occur; remember, it is a DHT-derived steroid, which means it will always carry some traits of its parent hormone, and with DHT being a potent androgen you can expect it to exert these effects even if it does have a such a low androgenic score on paper. So what does this mean for women who want to take it? Well, a low dose is an absolute must - no more than 20mg a day and even that is pushing it (I would much rather a dose of around 10mg for women), with an cycle length of no more than 4 weeks. By men’s standard this would be pointless, but for women it will be extremely effective at building lean muscle mass and increasing strength. 

What sort of side effects can women expect? The usual side effects related to oral steroid use - increased liver enzymes, negatively impacted cholesterol levels, increased blood pressure etc…but it is the androgenic side effects that women need to be particularly wary of. The growth of facial hair, loss of hair on the head, deepening of the voice and even clitoral enlargement may occur (even at low dosages), so it is extremely important to be prudent and be very self aware. 

Results from taking Anavar

In this section we will look at the typical anavar results, i.e. what can be achieved from an anavar only cycle. Even though I am not a fan of talking about results and gains (because they are so individual and subjective), it is informative to potential users who may wonder about what to expect. Please note that I am referring to standalone use (rather than as part of a stack) as it is impossible to quantify the results of a specific compound when several are being used in conjunction with each other. (The information below assumes that all necessary diet and training are in place).

When cutting it would not be unreasonable to expect a modest decrease in body fat percentage (oxandrolone has been shown in studies to reduce trunk fat levels without exercise), with either maintenance of muscle mass or perhaps a slight increase (which will be diet and training dependent). Strength too with be improved as it carries strength-boosting properties that are approaching the levels of some of the stronger anabolics out there. Usually a good cutting anabolic makes a good ‘recomping’ anabolic and Var is no different - just ensure to consume maintenance calories or slightly above to ensure more muscle mass is gained. It could be used for bulking when combined with testosterone, but by itself it is nowhere near potent enough to induce the gains most will look for when looking to add mass; only a very high dose (100mg+) would have a chance of doing this and that would merely lead to unwanted side effects.

Where can you find anavar for sale?

Just like every other anabolic on the planet, Oxandrolone can be found for sale online either on the internet or off line (usually from a local source). The advice I give here is the same advice I would give for the purchase of any other anabolic steroid - firstly, buying online is far safer than buying offline, and secondly, always do your research into the company/website you’re buying from. There are two very popular (and well populated) steroid review sites in the internet and all sources can be checked out on there - please ensure you do this before you buy as there are still many scammers out there. One issue with Anavar is the fact that because it so expensive to manufacture, it is often faked and tablets will either contain no active ingredient or something like winstrol, which has similar effects. Underground labs are far more professional than they used to be so luckily for you, the buyer, there is a far greater choice and far more legitimate products available for sale nowadays. Is it legal? Anavar certainly isn’t, but no steroids are, so just be very cautious!

What are Anavar side effects?

The first question most people will ask is, ‘is anavar safe?’ - the answer to which is yes and no. Compared to other oral steroids, it is much safer, but in the grand scheme of things you would be healthier if you didn’t take it. But what side effects are there? The most serious ones are increased blood pressure and decreased cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides. Although it seen as ‘mild’ it can have a very serious impact upon these and I have seen some pretty horrendous bloodworm after just 4 weeks on Oxandrolone. Blood-work is essential and a healthy diet and lifestyle is an absolute must. It will return to normal post-cycle, but you can never been too safe so always ensure you keep an eye on it. Other side effects include: acne, testicular atrophy, increased body hair growth and one that every male asks about: hair loss - if you are prone to male pattern baldness then yes, Anavar may speed the process up somewhat. 

What is the best anavar dosage?

Oxandrolone comes in a variety of tablet/pill sizes, the most popular being 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 50mg - but which dose is best? Firstly, it will depend on what your cycle is. If you are doing a standalone cycle then a higher dosage will be needed than if you were stacking it with other steroids. By itself a starting dose of 40mg is usually advised, with up to 100mg a possibility providing you have the experience and body size to be able to cope with that level of active compound in your system.  When taking with other steroids the amount you take must be lowered and if taken with other orals then lowered even more so. 

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