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Everything you need to know about Clenbuterol


How can you increase weight loss with Clenbuterol?

Using Clenbuterol for weight loss is a very simple and straightforward thing to do, however before you open the tab and start consuming the pills, you must be aware of clen is and how it can have some very serious side effects unless it is taken correctly, i.e. dosage, cycle length etc. Sure, the weight loss results may be excellent, but without proper and informed knowledge you will not optimise your results and you may even do yourself some harm. So what vital information is required before commencing? It is a very powerful drug that was not intended for the purposes of burning fat; it was designed an asthma drug to help though with the respiratory condition deal with their symptoms. The main use for it is to open up the airways and lungs, allowing users to breath more easily. The smart ones amongst you will realise that it could therefore be used to increase athletic performance as it will help to increase the respiratory system of those without asthma and will help them to improve their performance by a modest amount. Of course, losing weight is the main goal when clen is used for athletic and aesthetic purposes, but no-one is really going to complain about extra stamina in the gym as those extra reps and sets or minutes on the treadmill may help to build that little bit extra muscle, or even burn that little bit more fat. 

What results can be expected from Clenbuterol use?

Unsurprisingly (and like all other performance enhancing drugs), clenbuterol results are pretty much solely down to the user and how they utilise the compound. When I say utilise, I do of course mean utilise properly, i.e. the correct dose, cycle and stack (if they choose to stack it with other drugs such as steroids and/or human growth hormone). Although a general rule of thumb is that the bigger you are (and therefore the more fat loss/weight loss you are trying to achieve) the great the clenbuterol dosage needs to be, when it comes to compounds this powerful I highly advise anyone to start at the lowest amount possible. Please do not start popping clen tabs all day, every day, thinking that more is better - it isn't. It usually comes in 20mcg tablets, which is an excellent starting dose for those looking for solid results. Of course, those experienced with this drug and want even greater results from their cycle many start a bit higher at 30 or even 40mcg per day, but never above and beyond that, and certainly not long term. With a good diet and suitable training regime (this could be solely a weight-based routine or could incorporate HIIT and/or cardio too) over a short period such as 4-6 weeks, you could expect to drop a good chunk of body fat and at least retain the lean mucsle mass you have (possibly even increase it if you are eating a high protein diet and are taking anabolic steroid too).


What tablets are the best type available on the clenbuterol market?

When it comes to choosing the brand of clenbuterol tablets you are going to use for your cycle there are several things that you must to take into consideration before buying online. Firstly, always do your research! I cannot emphasise this enough. I see too many people hear about the dramatic effects of this powerful compound and first of all rush into wanting to use it and secondly into purchasing the first brand that they find. Always research the brand of tablets you are going to use and make sure it is thorough. Go through all the steroid and performance enhancing drugs review websites out there (eroids and Muscle Gurus being the main two) and be sure to sign up to online forums and ask users for their own experience. You can rest assured that there will hundreds of threads on your proposed clen brand, so just be sure to be patient and read up before commencing with your cycle. One of the most popular brands is 'Clen 40' and this can be found on most websites that sell steroids and PED's. Luckily there are many legitimate underground labs that produce it and there are also many internet suppliers who can supply authentic pharmaceutical grade products that they have obtained legally (but are selling illegally, obviously). The main form they come in is in tablets form, but don't be surprised to see capsules also available as they can be cheaper and easier to produce (and have no difference to performance, other than taking slightly longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream).


Can women cycle clenbuterol?

One question that is asked very often all across the internet is whether there is a different type of clenbuterol for women. The answer is no! There is one type of clen and this can be used by both men and women alike. Of course, females should cycle it slightly differently to men (we will go into how a little further in this section), but on the whole they should take the same precautions and buy the same products from the same source(s). In addition it must be noted that fat loss for women will be the same as men, although due to fact the former have more fat cells it may have an even greater effect(s). However, due to this, women may suffer more side effects as they are more prone than men to feeling them, which is why precautions must be taken and research must be carried out before any cycle is started. This therefore leads to the question, what is the best dosage? Well, as always, it is wise to start off with the lowest possible amount and for females that is 10mcg. This amount should be taken until the user has assessed their tolerance to the drug and see what (if any) side effects they experience. If it is tolerated well then this can be increased up to 20mcg, but I would never advise going beyond this. In terms of duration 4 weeks is ample time to see substantial weight loss as long as diet and training is completely dialled in.


Is clen just a fat burner?

This question is asked more than you'd think! Clen fat burner is such a popular search term, but a lot of people do seem to be aware that it actually has more strings to its bow. Yes, it will burn fat, help to promote fat and weight loss and increase energy expenditure, but it is actually a very mild anabolic, i.e. it can help to build lean muscle mass. However, it would never be taken solely to build muscle and these effects are very minor; you are more likely to see lean muscle mass retention rather than actuall accrual of muscle, but it will be helpful nonetheless, particularly as clen is used to cut weight (and therefore some tissue will be lost). As a fat burner, clen is one of the best available on the black market today, with perhaps only DNP being more efficient for this purpose. 

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