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Where to Buy Real Dianabol Online

how to source real dianabol

An introduction to Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)

If you are looking to buy real dianabol then you must read this article! After testosterone, Dianabol was the second anabolic steroid created. In terms of its chemical make-up it is merely testosterone with two alterations - firstly, it has a double carbon bond added, which helps to slow down the conversion to oestrogen; and secondly, methylation, to enable it to pass through the liver with very little break down. In spite of these alterations and the fact that aromatisation will certainly be less than any form of testosterone, oestrogen related side effects will still manifest themselves as the form of oestrogen dianabol converts to is extremely strong. Developed by CIBA in the 1960's for the US athletics team (in response to the domination of the Russian Olympic teams, who were frequently using testosterone) to increase overall athletic performance and increase lean muscle mass/strength gains - and it was very effective at doing so. Users, therefore, can expect rapid weight and strength increases, with gains of up to 12lbs (total body mass, not 100% muscle) in as little as 2 weeks. 

Dianabol: Gains and Side Effects

Often compared to Anadrol and despite being derived from different androgens - Dianabol from testosterone; Anadrol from Dihydrotestosterone, they do share some of the same features. Both do not bind at all well to the AR (androgen receptor), which obviously means the effects they exerted are though non-androgen receptor pathways, for example, greater nitrogen retention and therefore increased protein synthesis within the muscle. Probably the most common physical side-effect of them both cause massive water retention (albeit through different pathways). Those seeking to purchase dianabol online must make note of this.

If you want to buy this potent anabolic then you must be aware of the side-effects it can cause - it is vital that you do your research and find out about these, as they affect everyone differently and it is therefore wise to expect and prepare for the worst. Due to Dianabol being 17-alpha-alkylated it will cause some liver toxicity. The degree to which is effects the liver is of course down to dosage and cycle length, so as long as a user stays within the suggested cycle advice then they should not encounter any serious issues. Despite it being liver toxic, it is not as toxic as anadrol, which is by far and away the most toxic steroid. The use of liver aids may help during the cycle. Blood pressure may also be affected, as well as hairloss (on the head for those prone to male pattern baldness), increased bodily hair and of course the most renowned side-effect of steroid use - acne. The main worry for the majority of users who want to buy dianabol, is bitch tits, or gynecomastia, which is caused by the aforementioned potent form of oestrogen it converts to. Nolvadex is therefore a wise addition to your supplements cupboard when taking it. Please note, it is not advised for women - even a dosage of 5mg daily can induce androgenic side-effects.

The 'breakfast of champions' does have quite a pronounced effect on the HPTA, which again is down to the extremely strong for of oestrogen it converts to. A study conducted in around the 1980's on people given 100mg for six weeks (yes, that is a staggering dose!), resulted in testosterone levels being reduced by 40%, a 35% reduction in FSH, LH being reduced by 80% and a 40% increase in growth hormone leves within the blood. Yes, this was a very high dose and certainly more than 99% of dianabol users would take, but it does exemplify the negative effects on the HPTA. On the plus side, an increase of 3.5kg of lean muscle mass was also recorded, in addition to massive strength increases. 

When it comes to your cycle, it very much depends on how much Dianabol you buy and how you plan to use it. The two common choices are as a standalone, or as a 'kicker' to a longer injectable cycle. When using it by itself then it usually advised to cycle for 4-6 weeks at a dose of anywhere between 20mg - 60mg per day. Pyramiding is not required, nor beneficial. If one is a novice then no more than 40mg should be taken. If being used to start a longer cycle, then dianabol is best used for 4 weeks at a dose of between 30mg-60mg. Remember, more is not always better in terms of dosing so take it slowly and build up gradually if required. 

How to stack Dianabol

What can real dianabol be stacked with? It is usually stacked with testosterone (longer acting forms of it) or perhaps deca. Although frowned upon, it can actually be stack with other orals. Of course this is not something for a novice to do and extreme caution should be taken due to the double load the orals will exert on the liver (and the rest of the body for that matter). As long as you are careful there is no reason why it couldn't be stacked with anadrol, winstrol or anavar, depending on your goals. Correct PCT medications will of course be required, as with any other cycle involving it.

Looking to buy dianabol? Read on...

My own personal experience with dianabol for sale is very close to my heart! It was my first ever steroid cycle and i took 30mg for around 5 weeks. I gained about 17lbs and kept albs after I'd completed my PCT. Luckily for me i didn't experience too many bad side-effects - mainly hair loss, which I'm prone to anyway. Since using it all those years ago i've used it many a time to kick off my longer cycles, why, because it's by far my favourite oral! Dealing with side-effects can be tricky and of course it depends entirely on what you are suffering from, but they can be dealt with. When it comes to acne it is important to maintain very high personal hygeine - use a good exfoliator on the area and even the use of something like sudocrem can help to dry the area out and stop the spread of the spots. Gyno can be tackled with the used of nolva as soon as prolonged itchyness begins or a small lump is discovered. Hair loss can be difficult to tame without drugs, but reducing the dose slightly and keeping water, protein and vitamin b intake high can make a positive difference too.

In short, dianabol is a very strong bulking anabolic that, in conjunction with the correct diet and training regime, will produce substantial muscle, mass and strength gains. Despite the fact it is not as strong as anadrol (in terms of positive and negative effects, users must take with caution and monitor everything to ensure they maintain their health during a cycle. SERMS are absolutely necessary for post cycle therapy.

How to choose your Dianabol dosage

When deciding upon the dosage for your dianabol cycle there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. In this section we will look at what these are and then offer information as to what dose may be best for you and your cycle goals. When contemplating how much to take, it is vital to analyse the following factors:

Standalone or staked? Will you be taking it with anything else or will you be running it by itself? If it stacked with other steroids then the amount you take will not need to be as highs if you were taking it alone. As a very broad rule of thumb: the more compounds you are taking (and higher dosages), the less mg you will need. 

What is your proposed cycle length? This will vary depending on what your overall cycle is. A standalone cycle will be longer than if you were to run it at the start of an injectable cycle as a ‘kick-starter’, but there are three main ways to take it by itself. Firstly, high dose for short duration (e.g. a 3 weeks blast at doses 60mg+); moderate dose for a moderate length (e.g. 35-40mg per day for 4-5 weeks) or a low dose, longer duration (20mg per day for 6-8 weeks).

What is your steroid experience? A new or novice user will need to use a lower dose than a more experienced user. Although the doses will not differ massively, there will be a fairly substantial difference. I have know experienced users take up to 100mg per day, whereas I would always suggest no more than 4omg for a newcomer to anabolics. 

How big are you? Although I don’t really think size is all that relevant, there is some correlation between overall size and dose needed to elicit the same results (all things being equal). It is true that the bigger you are the higher the dosage you will need, but switch everything steroid related it is always best to start low and build your way up, regardless of your starting size. 

A comparison of before and after a Dianabol cycle

When someone is contemplating doing a steroid cycle then most of the time they will look for before and after photos, or at least detailed logs; this is no different with real dianabol and being such a popular oral steroid this is searched for many, many times every month on search engines. The problem is, however, that results will always be unique and very subjective, therefore it hard to ascertain what you will look before and after a steroid cycle based on what others have achieved. But, it is always useful to look into others usage of the compound you are seeking to use (dbol in this case) as in general anabolics will effect most people in the same way (in terms of side effects rather than gains). Gain will always be dependent on the consistency of your training, diet and rest; if you nail these then you will maximises your gains. Despite all of this there will, of course, be many out there who are interested in before and after photos and information so in the section below I will attempt to do my best to address this.

First of all let’s deal with a Dball only cycle. As most will know (and if you don’t, go and start doing your research right now!) the ‘Breakfast of Champions’ is a very powerful oral bulking anabolic that is only bested in terms of potency by orals such as Anadrol, Superdrol and Methyl-1-Testosterone. Nevertheless, it will still produce excellent gains on its own if used correctly. A standard cycle would be 30-50mg per day for four to six weeks, and provided the user is training heavy and hard, and is consuming a protein and calorie dense diet, they will make substantial gains (it is not uncommon to gain 20lbs of overall mass). Total actual lean muscle mass will be much lower, but not nearly as low as some will make out. Studies have shown that by itself it will induce muscle gains, and these could be as high as one third of your overall weight (for example if you put on 18lbs, 6lbs would be pure muscle mass). When it is used as part of a longer, injectable-based cycle it is impossible to tell which compound is responsible for which gains, so we won’t even discuss it beyond saying using it with testosterone will induce a lot of mass!

I think it would be important and interesting to detail my own before and after experience and how I have used over the last decade, because there is nothing better than getting personal information rather than generic stuff that you can read anywhere and everywhere. I myself have done two standalone cycles in the past - one was my very first cycle (which I still hold dearly in my heart!) and the other was years later as an experiment. My first cycle was profound to say the least, I put on 21lbs in 5 weeks (at a dose of 35mg a day) and added some serious poundages to the big four lifts (bench, squat, deadlift and military press). Looking back at that dianabol cycle I think I could have gained more if my eating had been spot on, as I was consuming sugar-laden weight gainers (which was the done thing back in the day!) on top of meals and if I had replaced these with better sources of carbs and proteins then I may have made better gains, but overall I was very happy (I kept 8lbs after PCT)! As for my second experience, well, that, as I stated, was an experiment to see how much lean muscle methandrostenolone could build on maintenance calories and I was shocked to see that a dose of 40mg per day for six weeks actually built 4lbs of lean muscle mass with slight drops in fat and water mass - another win for the best overall oral anabolic (in my opinion!).

Are you looking for Dianabol for Sale?

Finding real Dianabol can be extremely hard for those that don’t have a verified, legitimate source (which is pretty much everyone looking to use steroids!), so this section may help you to find or understand how find a source for buying anabolics on or off line. There are many different factors that will affect this, but luckily with this compound (being so cheap to manufacture) it is rarely faked and is readily available from every outlet. The country in which your reside however, may play a part in the ease of difficulty with which you are able make a purchase.

For those seeking to procure Methandrostenolone you have two choices: sourcing it from the internet via websites or offline from a local gym or seller. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and will go into greater detail below. I will point out now that whichever route you decide to take, ensure that you take extreme caution when doing so as it can be fraught with danger (especially in countries where possessing steroids is a crime). In countries like the USA, Canada and Australia it will be harder to source authentic anabolics as the laws are far stricter than elsewhere, whereas in the UK where the laws are a little more lenient it is very easy to buy legitimate products. 

Online: This method used to be a complete minefield and there used to be literally hundreds upon hundreds of scamming websites out there, however, with the introduction of (very popular and well-read) review websites (such as eRoids and MuscleGurus) it is very easy to find out which sites are good to go and which aren’t. A few things I would suggest on top of this is to always buy from a domestic source (no risk of it getting it stopped at customs) and also use a credit or debit card where you can as you can always invoke a chargeback should anything go wrong. Luckily, there are numerous legitimate sites out there so things seldom go wrong if you select one of those.

Offline: this is definitely the more risky of the two and should only be used if you 100% trust the person. Getting caught buying or in possession of steroids is a serious criminal offence and not something you really want to be caught in person doing!

Luckily for those looking to use Dball it is not often counterfeited and is readily available all over the internet due to it being by far the most popular and well-used oral bulking anabolic.

What is the best Dianabol cycle?

When it comes to choosing your cycle then the best choice is the one that fits your goals. Obviously, the majority of people (99% I’d guess) will be using this compound for bulking and therefore there are several routes which one could take to reach this goal. In essence there are two choices: 1) Standalone cycle or 2) stacked with other anabolic steroids, and the choice you make will depend entirely on your circumstances. In the paragraphs below I will discuss both options. Before I commence however, it is absolutely vital to remember that steroids are only a small part of gains and that intense training and correct diet are the most important aspects when trying to gain mass. 

If I was to advise someone on a standalone oral only cycle, then it would entirely depend upon the person’s experience and body size/level of musculature. A newcomer to anabolics or someone who is relatively light would need less, something along the lines of 25m-35mg per day for 4-6 weeks, whereas a larger, more experienced user may need up to 100mg per day for the same duration. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule, and lower doses over longer durations can be used (never more than eights weeks). 

When stacked with other steroids there are numerous combinations that could be used. Again, experience will play as major part in this, an the dosages will largely depend on current bodyweight/size. A standard bulking cycle/stack would be dbol combined with testosterone and potentially deca durabolin (although I will never advise using the latter), and for more advanced users compounds such as Trenbolone, Equipoise (another one I wouldn’t recommend) and Masteron. One question that gets asked a lot is whether it can be stacked with other orals and although conventional wisdom would say no (due to liver toxicity issues), it is possible to do this. A few bodybuilders I know have stacked it with anadrol to good effect, although the doses of each compound must be reduced by around half of what you’d use on it’s own, so if you’d usually use 50mg of dianabol or 100mg of anadrol, you’d take 25mg of the former and 50mg of the latter. Other steroids such as anavar, winstrol or turinabol could be used, but certainly not halotestin, superdrol or methyl-1-testosterone (they are the most liver toxic orals).

Dianabol results - What can be expected?

The results from any cycle will vary from user to user as there are so many variables at play, therefore it is hard to give an answer to this question. However, dianabol tablets will usually induce similar gains in most users if all other variables are the same (or nearly the same); these being: diet, training, rest (in that order, although some may argue rest if actually more important than training!).

One that is ensured when taking this compound is mass gains. When I say ‘mass’ I do of course mean over all body weight (lean muscle mass, fat and water), and they should be pretty hefty. I have seen reports of people gaining up to 30lbs from a cycle and gains of 15lbs+ are extremely common. In addition to the mass gains, there will be strength gains. Although it is not the most potent strength-inducing anabolic available (anadrol, trenbolone and halotestin are considered the most potent in this respect), it more than holds it own and you should (if your training, diet and rest are dialled in) experience substantial increases in all of your lifts. Aggression and focus in the gym are also to be expected (although does seem to differ massively from user to user, which just exemplifies how androgens can have different effects on different people).

My own experience with dball pills have been very positive and I always recommend it as the best bulking oral when all things are considered (positives vs. negatives). Over the years it has helped me to gains tens upon tens of pounds of mass and a surprising amount of lean muscle mass too (although some will tell you it will not build muscle just make you whole water - this is definitely untrue!). The best advice I can give is to ensure your calorie and protein intake is high, as this way you will gain more muscle mass, which is of course everyone’s goal when bodybuilding and using anabolic steroids.

A review of Dianabol (my experiences)

A lot of people will be searching for a review of dianabol so I may as well write about my experiences and tell potential users how it affected me and body (in both positive and negative ways). Remember, don’t just read about my experiences, but do your research on Google and on forums to gather as much information as possible; this will help you to understand the compound better and how it may impact upon your body.

First of all I will say that I love this compound - not only because it was my first cycle, but because I have only had positive experiences with it overall. Sure, it will effect people differently (as with all steroids), but if you are sensible with your dosing and eat healthy then you shouldn’t run into any problems (unless you are ultra-sensitive to it). I gained a lot of mass on my first cycle (which was a standalone) and although two thirds was water and fat, one third was actually muscle! I kept 6lbs after PCT, which is very good for a five weeks 35mg a day cycle. The key was eating high calories (22 x bodyweight in lbs, e.g. 200 x 22 = 4400 calories) and high protein (1.5 x bodyweight in lbs, e.g 200 x 1.5 - 300g of protein per day). Strength went up massively and aggression in the gym was unreal; I could really focus hard and not get distracted, which is something I used to struggle with. 

Before I get onto the side effects, I will discuss dianabol price as I feel this is important. It is a very cheap compound to manufacture and as such is rarely faked, so you can more sure of getting a legitimate product when compared with pretty much all other anabolics. 

The side effects were pretty tame if I am being honest. The most important are blood pressure and red blood cell count (the latter will require a blood test), as these are the most serious, way, way more so than acne, water retention, hair loss and bloating (none of which I suffered from at all, except hair loss, which I am slightly prone to).

Which forms does Dianabol come in?

Most steroids come in different forms and dosage and it is no different with dbol pills, in fact, it comes in probably the most varied forms and doses of any anabolic on the market. As you would expect there are two main form: capsules (caps) and tablets (tabs), but there is also a liquid version and even an injectable version available on the market (they are rare however). It doesn’t really matter which form you choose as long as it legit. Tablets will be absorbed slightly quicker than capsules as there is no outer shell to break down, but on the whole there is very little difference.

As for what doses they come in, well, there are many: 5mg, 10mg, 20, and 50mg are the most common, although I have seen companies produce 15mg, 25mg and 30mg, which I suspect is simply them trying to appear different from other brands. The injectable form usually comes in 50mg/ml version, although I have seen 100mg/ml and even 200mg/ml versions available for sale (I am sure the post injection pain from that would be incredibly bad!).

Chemical name: Methandrostenolone
Chemical formua: 17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1,4-androstadien-3-one
Year of release: 1960's
Effective dose: 20mg - 60mg
Half life: up to 6 hours
Detection time: around 5 weeks
Androgenic: Anabolic ratio: 40-60:90-210

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