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Which oral steroid is the best choice for your goals?

For those that can not or not do not wish to do an injectable steroid cycle (fear of needles/injecting, can't risk being caught with needles/syringes etc...) then the other option is to take an oral only course. Many frown upon taking anabolics in tablet form only (without accompanying injectables) for various reasons, but in reality they can be very productive in terms of lean muscle, overall body mass and strength gains if done properly. Of course, it depends on what your goals are (bulk, cut etc...), so you could add fat loss to the previous list if that is something you wish to achieve. So, which oral(s) is best for you? How should you cycle them? Are any other supplements needed on cycle? We shall discuss all this and more in the following article. (For information on expected cycle gains, side effect etc...please see the individual compound articles).

Bulking? When it comes to bulking there are two main compounds that spring to mind: dianabol (methandrostenolone) and anadrol (oxymetholone). I could, of course, include designer steroids such as Superdrol and M1T (I will go into a little detail regarding them a bit later on), but for now we'll concentrate on the big two: 'Dbol' and 'A-bombs' (for more detailed information about these see our individual articles on them both).

'The breakfast of champions' does seem to be the most popular bulking oral and it is easy to see why - it is very, very cheap and it adds body mass and strength to levels on which a-drol can better. A normal cycle would be 4-6 weeks at between 20mg - 40mg per day, although I have known of people to run a lower dose of 10mg-15mg for 8 weeks. Any longer would be foolish as it will be taxing on your internal organs, particularly your liver.

Now onto the second 'bulker' - Anadrol. This is even more powerful than Dbol, but requires a much greater dosage to be as effective. A normal dose would be 50mg-150mg per day, however, because it is harder on the liver it should only be run for four weeks maximum. Again, I have know people to run 25mg per day for six weeks, but four weeks is your best bet. You could run both together at lower dosages, for example 10mg dianabol and 25mg anadrol for four weeks - this has been employed by a handful or bodybuilders and has worked to great effect as the two compounds work well together.

M1T and Superdrol can also be utilised and they may be the preferred option for some users as they can purchased over the counter in most countries. They are, however, probably even more toxic than Anadrol (and certainly as potent in terms of gains), so cycles should last no more than three weeks and doses should not go beyond 20mg per day. Turinabol must also get a mention here as it a good bulking agent, which has been described a 'dianabol without the bloat' - 60mg-100mg per day for 6-8 weeks is the standard protocol. Gains will not be as great or a fast, but they will come and most users are very impressed by the end of their cycle.

Cutting? Just like with bulking, there are two main cutting anabolics: winstrol (stanolozol) and anavar (oxandrolone). Although both are as popular as the other, many will favour winstrol nowadays as anavar is readily faked due to it's raw powder cost and most anavar tablets are actually winstrol. Nevertheless, anavar can be run for up to 10 weeks at doses between 40mg - 100mg per day and winstrol can be run for up to 8 weeks at doses of 40mg - 80mg per day. Proviron can also be added to cutting cycles to help further dry you out and boost focus and aggression.

Do you need to take support supplements with oral anabolics?

Ancillary supplements? Some will say that all kind of ancillary supplements are needed for blood pressure, prostate, hairloss, liver etc...but in reality none of it is really needed and most supplements that claim to help out on these fronts don't actually work. A good, health diet, rich is omega-3 and vegetables will do much more to help control the negative side effects. Milk thistle is pretty much useless and the new kid on the block TUDCA is meant to be good for the liver, but the jury is out. The side effects of oral steroids are largely exaggerated anyway - in 4-6 weeks no permanent damage will be done and if you do experience anything negative then simply stop taking it! As per any normal cycle a PCT must be done afterwards, followed by a decent amount of time off. I always advise time on + PCT = time off, so if you ran a six week cycle then a three week PCT, you'd wait nine weeks before going back on. None of these rules are set in stone, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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