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Steroids: An Introduction

When a gym goer decides to use steroids for the first time they will more often than not choose orals over injectables. Despite the popular notion that injectables are a better choice for a first time user of steroids for sale (and indeed, a first cycle), the use of orals is just as valid. Regardless of the fact that there is liver toxicity issues, this is general (when sensible cycle length and dosage is adhered to) is vastly 'over-egged' and can be minimised by the use of liver protectant products such as NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and of course, milk thistle. Ultimately, it is solely down to the individual to choose which type is better suited for their circumstances and goals, but it is certainly not 'wrong' to choose an oral only steroid for a first stack or cycle. The best advise we can give when considering buying products from a website that offers anabolics, and indeed choosing and commencing with your first cycle, is do your research! Read internet forums and articles on every aspect of anabolics and anabolic use; if you can speak to other users. Granted, this may be difficult due the legality and the stigma attached, but if you know someone then ask away. We will offer a comprehensive guide on this page, but you can never do enough research.  

Choosing Steroids for Bulking Up

The first cycle of most users is a 'bulking' cycle. This, in laymans terms, is the gaining of muscle and bodyweight (which is almost always accompanied by an increase in strength). As long as the correct diet and training routine are implemented by the user (diet being the most important factor - see below for guidelines) there are various compounds for sale that one can use for such purposes as 'bulking'. The most popular (and indeed famous) bulking oral is the so called 'Breakfast of Champions' - Dianabol. Although anadrol could be used for this purpose, a simple Dianabol cycle of 4-6 weeks at 20-30mg per day is a perfect way to 'turn to the darkside' as some might say! Many would suggest an injectable for the first cycle (or a combination of one along with an oral), so something along the lines of testosterone enanthate dosed at 500mg per week, for 10 weeks is a viable alternative for these who do not mind injecting themselves. 

Whatever your choice of 'bulker' it is absolutely vital that you ignore any advice that tells you that 'more is better' - it isn't. If anything, less is better. More will not always lead to better gains and will almost certainly increase side effects. By starting of at a low dose you can asses your own tolerance and increase the dosage if and when required.

As stated above, diet is absolutely key, not only in bodybuilding in general, but in making the most of your first cycle. Gym goers are usually ones susceptible to fad diets etc…and the worse thing you could do when taking for the first time is try out a fad diet! These companies just want a sale and will do anything to get it; so stick to the basics, that are tried and tested. First of all protein - for best results consume 2g of protein per lb. of bodyweight, e.g a 150lb man = 150 x 2 = 300g of protein per day. As we are bulking we need to be in a calorie surplus, so you will need to consume (in calories) at least 21 x your bodyweight (lbs), e.g 150lb man = 150 x 21 = 3150 calories. Ensure that eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (try and eat every colour possible!) and drink at the very least 2 litres of water. Remember, diet is the key component when using the first time - I cannot stress how important is is!


Choosing Steroids for Cutting

The opposite to 'bulking' is of course 'cutting'. This, however, is usually far harder than bulking and can increase the amount of stress placed on the body. Just as with bulking, when taking cutting compounds diet is the number one thing you must get right to maximise gains. The anabolics to choose when cutting are anavar and winstrol (for a newbie anyway), with the former being the most popular for this use. Both will help to build lean muscle mass (albeit very gradually) and help the body to lose body fat - both may also provides strength increases, which in turn my help to build more muscle mass. Tren is also an option for more experienced users as it is far, far more potent than both the previously mentioned anabolic. It will both build muscle and burn fat a greater rate, but this comes at the expense of more and/or worse side effects.

In terms of diet when cutting, there are two standard ways of reaching the end goal: high protein/moderate carb/low fat or high protein/high fat/low carb. Either way, you will need to consume the same amount of calories, which need to be around a 500 deficit per day. As a rough guide, we advise 11 x bodyweight (lbs) to give the total number of calories you will need to cut on per day, e.g. 150lb man = 150 x 11 = 1650 calories. You could eat more, but you must ensure your cardio or HIIT is increased to burn off the extra calories consumed.

As mentioned within the bulking paragraph above, you can indeed stack them. The 'done thing' is to stack an injectable with an oral, for example the classic and probably most widely used bulking cycle would be testosterone enanthate (or other long acting testosterone), with dianabol - dosed at 500mg a week for 10 weeks for the former and 30mg per day for 4 weeks for the latter. Of course, you are not limited to this and could quite easily use anadrol instead of dianabol for the bulking oral; stacking two injectables together is also not uncommon. Stacking two orals however is - although many would frown upon it, it can be done providing you take precautions and lower the dose of each accordingly. Clenbuterol can also be stack with cutting anabolics for a cutting stack (to simply increase the rate at which the body burns fat). 

One aspect that many new users forget or are not aware of is post-cycle therapy, which is absolutely vital if you want to keep your gains after your cycle has finished. A SERM such as clomid and/or nolvadex are standard protocol and are usually taken for 3-4 weeks once they have cleared your system - unto 12 days for injectables and 2 days for orals. HCG can also be utilised towards the end of your cycle (or all the way through in fact), but the use of a SERM is 100% vital. In addition to running these medications, to help with your recovery we would advise that users keep their omega-3 fat intake high, ensure plenty of water is drank and fruit and vegetables are eaten (along with high protein of course!). Using a calorie surplus to a greater extent than during your steroid cycle can allow further gains to be made even once they have been finished. We also advise against bulking and then cutting straight away as this usually results in reduced or lost gains post cycle.

This is just a small article that may help you understand a bit about steroids and their usage - there is plenty more information out there, remember Google is your friend! Anyone searching for steroids for sale can find what they are looking for on OnlineAnabolicShop.com

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